April S. Norcross, MA, CEOLS, BCPA

Independent Patient Advocate

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To offer a bedside presence within a medical or supervised living facility

acting as extra, objective eyes and ears to observe and ensure highest level of regard and care is offered to the patient or resident

 (DOES NOT include respite, physical, or personal care needs)

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Wellness Watch

To observe individuals residing in their home considered "able" to complete activities of daily living

(DOES NOT include housekeeping, errand running, 

physical/personal care needs, etc. – observation related only)

(“Activities of daily living” include eating, dressing, grooming, bathing,

toileting, ambulating (moving).)

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Care Coordination

To organize care that an individual receives together as a whole, not leaving it fragmented among various providers

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To analyze medical invoices for accuracy, tracking,  and remittance of payments

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Vital Document Preparation

To coach individuals regarding the importance of completing vital end of life documents

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Caregiver and Grief & Loss Coaching

To provide caregiver and/or grief and loss coaching to individuals to address imperative emotional and spiritual health needs

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